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  • How do I access the workouts?
    Once you Sign Up, you will receive an email from me. I'll ask that you add me as a friend on Facebook (Mackenzie Lee Wells) and like the Mackenzie Wells Fitness page. This will allow me to invite you to my private Facebook group where all workouts, meal plans, recipes, fun posts and more will be shared. If you DO NOT have Facebook - after you Sign Up, email me at and let me know - you will instead receive workout links and meal plans via email.
  • What is included in my membership?
    Each week, you will have access to five 28-minute (average length) workouts and a meal plan, created by Registered Dietitian + Blogger, Tori Eaton. All via private Facebook group (don't have Facebook, no biggie, I'll email everything to you). I will upload the workout videos the night before they are intended to be used. Example week: Monday - Arms & Abs, Tuesday - Legs, Wednesday - Cardio & Core, Thursday - Booty & Hamstrings, Friday - Full Body. You can access these workouts anytime, at your convenience. Each Friday, I will upload the new meal plan so you have the weekend to shop and prep. These meal plans are great for singles, couples and families. They come with a weekly calendar, shopping list, recipes and a handy meal prep guide for Sundays. Tori Eaton does an amazing job (follow her on Instagram @honestlytori). BONUS: with your monthly membership, you are also getting access to the FREE Ripped Abs and Booty Lift workouts. You will have continuous access to these highly effective 10-minute workouts.
  • Are your workouts the same each week?
    No way! In order to avoid boredom, burnout and hitting a plateau, I change the workouts up each week. At the beginning of each month, you get a printable calendar. It has the entire month's worth of workouts listed on it. WHO LIKES TO MARK THINGS OFF A LIST? Umm, I do, so I created this handy calendar for peace of mind and accountability. Each week we work the entire body. Don't miss a thing! Because I want you to get RESULTS! Arms? Check. Lower Body? Check. Abs/Core? Check. Cardio? Check. Did I say Abs & Core??? Check! :-) Ladies, I'm here to offer you the best workout routine you can find online. Bold statement, but I do my absolute best to live up to it.
  • What exercise equipment do I need?
    Starting off with a set of heavy dumbbells and a set of light dumbbells would be ideal. Eventually, it may be better for you to have a heavy, medium and light set. Likely those weights will change as you get stronger. Occasionally I will ask you to grab a chair or have access to a wall for balance, as it helps get more quality repititions out of a certain exercise. At some point in the program, I may take a poll from the members and see if you all are intersted in adding equipment such as booty bands, ankle weights, medicine balls, etc.
  • How do I cancel?
    You can cancel by emailing me at We need at least 5 business days' notice to stop your next recurring payment. If we don't get at least 5 business days' notice, you will be charged that next membership fee and membership will be canceled after that. You will still have access to the workouts until the end of current paid membership. Refunds will not be offered as you will get your full month's access.
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