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Everything you need to conquer your health & fitness goals, in one easy place.

get an effective workout in under 30 minutes, then get right back to your day 

no special equipment needed - you'll get a great workout using just dumbbells and a yoga mat

No need to squeeze in time at the gym, workout from the comfort of your home

easily scalable program for beginner and advanced workouts

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Five 28-Minute Workouts - provided weekly

    • the average workout is 28 minutes long

    • workouts for at home or in the gym with minimal equipment

    • primarily strength training and bodyweight interval workouts

    • access via private Facebook group - supportive community!

  • Meal plan - provided weekly!

    • weekly meal plans are created by a Registered Dietitian

    • they come with week calendar, shopping list & recipes - great for single/couples/families, she even adds a handy Sunday meal prep guide to get you better prepared for the week

    • options available, contact me for dietary restrictions/preferences

  • FREE Bonus Workouts Available 24/7

    • library of 10-minute express workouts: Full Body, Ripped Abs, Booty Lift

    • Yoga: 30-minute and 1-hour videos available

    • can be used in conjunction with regularly scheduled workouts of the day


women are juggling too much already to worry about their fitness routine

I created this fitness program specifically with busy moms in mind. I have 3 kids and very little time to myself. I needed a workout routine that was approachable, quick, and effective.


I couldn't find one that really worked, so I created one myself.

Your Trainer/Cheerleader




My mission is to help women build physical and mental strength through weight training, group classes, and quick-and-fun exercise.  It’s not about six-pack abs, bulging biceps, or the number on the scale. It’s about feeling good and standing confidently in who you are.


For over 6 years I've been doing what I love — teaching fitness classes and encouraging women to feel strong and empowered in their own skin, and I can't wait to help you embrace your body in the same way. 

They're more than just workouts. This is a personal health plan for modern women. Isn't it time you invested in yourself? 


healthy eating isn't always as straightforward as it seems.

I've tried many meal plans in my life and I'll admit, they are hard to follow and stick to.

So, I've hired a Registered Dietitian who does a phenomenal job providing meal plans to our group.  Her meal plans come with a handy weekly calendar, shopping lists and recipes.

If you have certain dietary restrictions or goals, just let me know and we'll get a plan that's best for you. 

Women are too busy running the world to worry if their fitness routine is up to par  


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